Hotel Review: Aloft at the David Whitney Building, Detroit, USA


The lobby area has a huge dollop of wow factor with spectacularly high four-storey gold leafed atrium and clock all topped glass window roof. There’s lots of empty space around clutches of black cushioned seating and amid all this is a tiny half moon reception desk that emits an ever-changing colourful light show of blue to red and green. It looks particularly good at night. This grandeur is topped off with golden doored lifts and a marble floor that look radiant as the atrium light shines down.

There is no doubt that the building – part residential part hotel – is a thing of beauty and the bonus is its easy-to-get-to location.

Who for

This hotel can wing it for any independent city slicker. Some frills are absent like a porter to carry your bags, or even a restaurant. But there’s plenty restaurants in Detroit so perhaps that’s no big deal.


The entrance to this 136-room hotel is by far the most interesting part of the hotel. Having said that the contemporary styled rooms and their light grey walls are brightened by a funky carpet and colourful accessories of vibrant reds, yellows and greens.

It’s an appealingly functional vibe with clean lines, air conditioning, 42 inch TVs and a whitewashed shower room that comes with a lovely range of with Bliss Spa toiletries. And best of all, the comfy beds are dressed in crisp linens and rooms are quiet.

Food and Drink

There is no restaurant as such but you can dine in the Grand Cirque restaurant within the building facility. Coffee is freely available at the re:fuel eatery where you breakfast. It is served in disposable cups or cartons and and can be taken away or eaten in the bar area.

The WXYZ bar is a comfortable space for cocktails and other tipples with plenty of space to mix and mingle. There’s always mellow music playing and a small “snack-attack” menu.


There is a cool gym re:charge open 24/7 and a handy shop for nick nacks that you may have forgotten.