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Welcome to my website, and thank you for your interest in my books.

As you will see on the subsequent pages, I have written several firefighter mysteries. My work is called “FACTION,” because it is a seamless blend of fact and fiction. My novels have won a number of awards, and I promise that you will be drawn into my stories. You will find them exciting, fast moving, and will find yourself reading late into the night.

While these are mystery novels, each story also presents a first responder-protagonist with everyday problems. Each is facing a personal crisis.

Greg, the young firefighter in ONE FOOT IN THE BLACK, grows up with an abusive father. The experience affects his judgment when he joins the fire service and faces a life and death situation in a wildland fire.

Kendall, the arson investigator in RED FLAG WARNING, lives with the knowledge that his dedication to his job and absence from his family may have contributed to his daughter’s suicide.

Colt is a rookie fire paramedic in CODE BLOOD. He responds to his first fatal accident, and is so shaken that he risks his career to discover the victim’s identity. In the process, Colt comes to terms with the absence of his mother, who deserted him a decade earlier.

Bucky is a HazMat expert in HAZARDOUS MATERIAL. His life is in chaos. He is divorced and lonely, and is fighting a painkiller addiction while trying to stay on the job. When he confronts an outlaw motorcycle gang which he suspects of manufacturing meth, his life hangs in the balance.

Finally, Nick is an urban search and rescue firefighter in TUNNEL VISIONS. He has spent most of his life trying to solve the mystery surrounding the death of his father, which occurred before his birth in a water tunnel explosion. When he is called out to respond to a terror threat to the Los Angeles water supply, his past and present come together in an unexpected way.

I hope you will read one of these novels. If you do, use the form on my CONTACT page and let me know if you love it or hate it.


Kurt Kamm
Malibu, California

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Please be advised: I have ended my relationship with Literary Strategies/Antoinette Kuritz for the promotion of my latest novel, Tunnel Visions. Literary Strategies/Antoinette Kuritz are no longer authorized to take any actions on my behalf. Please email me with any questions at Kurt@OneFootInTheBlack.com.