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“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Kamm is on my short list of authors to look out for.” – NY Times Bestselling Author Christopher Reich


From the Sylmar water tunnel disaster of 1971–an actual event– to a fictional, modern-day terrorist attack on Southern California’s water supply. Kurt Kamm has added to his list of award winning  novels with Tunnel Visions. As California faces its driest year on record, he has written a taut, fact-based thriller about a threat to the Southern California water supply and a 40 year old mystery. READ AN EXCERPT FROM TUNNEL VISIONS


A Prepublication Book Review

Reviewed by Michael McManus for Readers’ Favorite

Author Kurt Kamm brings together the facts surrounding an actual explosion that took place in 1971 during the construction of a water tunnel that runs through Sylmar, California. The author blends those facts with several real people involved in that explosion, two very likeable leading characters, the FBI, the ATF, the Los Angeles police departments and the county fire departments, a couple of terrorists and the Metropolitan Water Department to tell us one heck of a story. Nick Carter, a fire captain with the Urban Search and Rescue Task Force of the Los Angeles County Fire Department, and Cindi, an ATF agent, are awakened on a Sunday morning by a phone call. Cindi learns from the caller that her team has lost track of two potential terrorists. She has to go to work. Not long after that, Nick receives a similar call. What promised to be a relaxing Sunday, where Nick had plans to propose marriage to Cindi, becomes a nightmare. Their individual investigations bring them together to face the threat of death, but neither of them will back down from what they were born to do.

Tunnel Visions by Kurt Kamm is one of the most fast paced and exciting books I have read this year. The author weaves fact with fiction and tells a story that puts the reader right in the middle of the action. His knowledge of police, fire and ATF operations will teach you about what is going on behind the scenes when a terror threat unfolds. I would recommend this book to a broad audience, especially those who live in Southern California where the story takes place.


                        TUNNEL VISIONS

Nick Carter has spent most of his life trying to solve the mystery surrounding the death of his father in the 1971 Sylmar Tunnel explosion. When he applies for a job with Los Angeles City Fire Department, a Battalion Chief tells Nick:

“Yeah. I was on a forty-eight-hour shift and when the big blast happened, we went back to a scene I’ll never forget. We arrived in the middle of the night and the first person we saw was the foreman. He was waiting for us out at the tunnel entrance, frantic, with a wild look in his eyes. He told us there was a methane explosion, a big one, and they had lost contact with the men working inside. Smoke was pouring out of the portal, I mean, even in the dark you could see how thick it was. We had no idea how we were gonna get in there, and then the foreman tells us the blast occurred five miles in, where they were digging. I remember thinking at the time, ‘Five miles? You’ve got to be fucking kidding.’ “

Nick says, “They were that far in? I never thought about that.”

“Back then, we didn’t have special USAR or HazMat response units, so we just called for every piece of emergency equipment and rescue-ambulance we could get. In the meantime, we’re wondering what happened to the poor bastards trapped inside.”

“One of those poor bastards was my father.”

“Those men never had a chance. Some of them, the ones working the farthest from the digging face, managed to run a few hundred feet before they were asphyxiated. The gas in the tunnel burned for almost twenty-four hours. It was a terrible situation.”

Years later, on a Sunday morning in 2014, when Homeland Security mobilizes Los Angeles County, Nick –now a USAR  fire captain– and his fiancée Cindi Burns, an ATF Special Agent, find themselves working together to stop the terrorists. As the crisis unfolds and California’s contentious history of water wars is laid bare, Nick confronts the 40-year-old mystery about the death of his father.